Week 8: Wheels That Do Things


Other than roll that is.  Wheels can bounce, wiggle, light up, change shape, and much more.  What can our wheels do when they roll?



Paint Job

Shapes and colors can add a lot to a simple spinning wheel.

Hypno Wheels


Barber Pole

Electrical Tape on a piece of Speed Rail

Painted Wheels


Wheels with Lights

Cycloid – Berenice Abbott, 1958

To create this image of a geometric figure called a cycloid, Abbott photographed a rolling cylinder with a lamp on its rim.  (A cycloid is a curve traced by a point on a circle being rolled along a straight line.) The cylinder also had a lamp on its axis, which produced the straight horizontal line in the image.


Wheels with Illuminating Lights


LED Inline Wheels


Glowing Bike with Ultraviolet LEDs


Slip Rings


Round EL Panels


Shape Transforming Wheels

Hoberman Associates: Flat Ring Design


Origami Doughnut Protects Under Pressure


Phlat Ball


Transforming Wheel Robot – Thingaverse


Morph Wheel


Urban Bicycle Concept with Folding Wheel System


Roadless Wheel System


Telescoping Wheel


Multi Directional

Omni Wheels


Mecanum Wheels





Stair Climbing Wheel




Scavelo Wheelchair




Energy Harvesting and Powered Wheels



Copenhagen Wheel



Speaker Magnet Generator


Airless/Non-Numatic Tires

Michelin X Tweel Turf




Two Nuns Bike – Steel Tires


Sportsman WV850





Laser Etched Firestone Tires


Trick Golf Balls

Comparing Force Image Schemata in Dials

Can even be incorporated into controls


Mine Kafon




Create a wheel that does more than just roll.  Change shape, self propelled, store energy, light up…


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