Assignment: Robot Part 1

You will be creating Robots.  They must use wheels in some way.  Part 1 will be creating the beginnings of our bots.

Note: This can be a group assignment.  If you you choose to use the omni wheels or mecanum wheels, you must be part of a team.  We don’t have enough sets for individual projects.


For the first part of the Robot Assignment you will need to create the following:

A Plan – What will you robot eventually do (it doesn’t have to do it yet)?  Will it sense its environment?  Will it move?  Will it react?  Will it try to take over the Earth?

Chassis – The chassis should be able to support the wheels, motors, drive train, batteries, micro-controller, sensors, and everything else.  You should make it modifiable if possible.

Wheels – You can use a set of omni wheels, mecanum wheels, or wheels of your own design.

Propulsion – If you plan on using motors you must have them mounted to your chassis and to your wheels or mechanisms.

Brain Plan – If you plan to use a micro controller, have it mountable to your chassis.  If you plan on using analog circuits, you should have them at least breadboarded if not soldered onto a perf-board.

Power Pack – Have at least an idea of how you will eventually power this thing.  Batteries, umbilical cord, the sun.

Test Pattern – You should be able to manually or systematically test your bot.  Make sure the motors spin, the wheels turn, etc.


Helpful Links

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