“We definitely over-documented that project,” said no one ever.


All your work for this class must be documented on your blog.  It is a large portion of your grade.  Below are some guidelines on what I would like to see.



If the project is heavily influenced by an object or technique, please list your sources.  Post images, links to blogs, videos, etc.  Give credit where credit is due.



Images or scans of drawings, napkin sketches, illustrations.  CAD screen shots.  Illustrator screen shots.

Post drawing files if you want as well. This is a great way to tie the files to a project.


Images of Raw Material

The “before” picture.  Image(s) of the material you use in your projects in its raw state.  Where did you get it?  Does it have a story?

Any links to vendors or suppliers if material was purchased.


Mid-process Images

During your making process, stop and take some quick images.  I’d like to see images that show off technique, machine set ups, jigs, etc.  The images should tell the story of your process.


List of tools used

List all tools used, if you purchased your own or got your hands on something special, supply links.  Images are also a good idea.


Final Image(s) of the work

Take the time to light your work correctly and use a high res camera for documentation.  It is good practice to begin  and end your blog post with a final image glamour shot.



Note any failures or lessons learned along the way.  What would you do different?  Do you have any tips, tricks, or insights?