Week 10 Virus: Vinyl Cutter Basics

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What did we learn?


Send Cut Send Results

As I mentioned in last class, I sent out for some parts from SendCutSend.  I want to show you the results.



Set up Vinyl Cutters

Unbox your machine.

Go to https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/software to download the software.  I had to update firmware for my machine.


Sticker Example

We’ll go through a simple vinyl sticker exercise.

Skeleton vinyl stickers

I started with this file from the Noun Project by Cedric Villain.  Modified it a bit in Illustrator, saved it as a .dxf file, and opened it in the Silhouette software.

Moved it to the proper position.

Selected material in the software, vinyl matte.

Had to change the depth of my knife, from the default 1 setting to 2.  Then tried the 3 setting as well.  Both worked, I think 2 worked better.

Load material.

Hit “Send” to cut the sticker.


TestedWalkman Build

The vinyl cutter was used to created silver logos and details.  Silver glossy vinyl.

Around the 31:50 mark.   My guess is the stickers were first cut with the vinyl cutter, then peeled carefully, then covered with transfer paper. Take note of how the stickers were prepared on the sticks.  How they were applied by tweezers.  He used a square to keep they straight.


2D to 3D

With stiffer materials, we can go into the third dimension.



We’re making a “box” with the vinyl cutter, use Template Maker.  Try different materials.



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