Week 9: More Wood Turning and Lathe Accessories


We will dive deeper into what the wood lathe can do.  We will look at different ways to mount material, jigs, and attachments.

Lathe chisels and accessories


The Big Game

First team to score 5 points win.  2 players from each team will play at a time.  We change players from a random draw after every point.  If a player is broken or damaged, we will pause play, remove the pieces, and continue with a man down.

Good luck.


Go Over the Mid-Way Survey

We will discuss the results of the Mid-Way Survey.


More Wood Lathe

There are many add-ons for the lathe: jigs, tools, devices.  Below, a short list of just some of the possibilities.


S Type Tool Rest

Curved tool rest

A curved tool rest that allows for creating curved forms.  Great for bowl making.

Wooden bowl on lathe



Lathe auger

5/16″ Lamp Auger

Basically a long drill bit with a handle.  The Hollow Center must be used in the tail stock in order to use the auger.  The auger is great for making holes for lamps.

How an auger is used on a lathe


Drill chuck in tail stock

Drill chuck on tail stock

The drill chuck mounts in the tail stock and drill bits are attached using a chuck key, just like the drill press.


Drill Jig

Lathe drill jig

Drill jig on lathe

Oneway Drill Wizard


Custom Drill Jigs

Made to go in the banjo mount that the tool rest would normally go in.

DIY lathe drill jig


Locking the lathe

The lathe can be locked in place using the knurled nut in the head stock.  Never turn on the motor with the lathe locked.

The lathe can be locked in position every 15 degrees, this is called indexing.

Lathe indexing

Locking pin for indexing


Other ways of Mounting/Securing Material

Jamb Chuck

DIY jamb chuck


2 Jaw Chuck 

2 jaw chuck

Custom 2 Jaw Chuck

DIY 2 jaw chuck

2 jaw chuck on lathe

Towel Hook Project


Longworth Style Chuck

Longworth chuckLongworth chuck with bowl


Soft Jaw Chuck

Soft jaw chuck


Vacuum Chuck

Vacuum chuck

Vacuum chuck with wooden bowl


Steady Rest

Steady rest on lathe

A Steady Rests is wood turning jig which is used to hold the wood from vibrating or moving while you\’re turning it. When used with spindles, they help to stop vibration while making long and/or thin spindles. When used with bowls, they help to turn the inside of very thin bowls. When used with hollow forms, they help hold the vessel while hollowing the interior.   via Woodturning Online

DIY steady rest


Sphere Jigs

Sphere jig on lathe

Sphere jigs allow you to make spherical shapes on the lathe.

They can be store bought or DIY.


Guides and Templates

Laser cut (or cut by hand) a profile and turn an object to fit.

Paper turing guide

DIY turning template


Center Finder

Simple device that allows you to find the center of round stock.

Center finder

Center finder


Lathe Duplicator

Lathe Duplicator


Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is technique that shapes thin metal over a form all on the lathe.


3 Part Wax Finish

Get a beautiful and a durable wax finish with this lathe-mounted polishing system. Buffing passes are made with a Tripoli buff (linen wheel), White Diamond buff (linen/flannel wheel), then Carnauba wax (flannel wheel). The final finish is very similar to multiple coats of lacquer but is softer and much deeper.  This finish can be applied in minutes.

How to Use the Buffing Wax Wheel


For Next Week

Skill Builder

For next week you will do some turning using the 4 jaw chuck.


Wood Bowl with CNC’d Finger Joints

Combining Processes




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