Spring 2017
Wednesday 12:10 – 2:40 PM
Instructor: Ben Light

In this class we will be creating robots that travel along the XYZ axes. Our bots will draw, paint, push, and plant. You will gain an understanding of both the best practices of design and the anatomy of gantry machines by assembling and working with existing CNC kits. We will exploit robust off-the-shelf solutions for the X and Y, and reinvent the Z. There will be a heavy focus on concept, mechatronics, and fabrication.

Office Hours:

Tuesday 1PM – 4PM
Wednesday 3PM – 5PM

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Safety Requirement:  You MUST attend a tool safety session in the shop before class begins.  Even if you are an experienced fabricator, everyone is required to take a safety session if they are using the shop (applies to both 1st and 2nd years).