Week 8: Guest Speaker


We will discuss our final project ideas and hear from our guest speaker Andy Sigler and Will Canine, of OpenTrons.


Bot of the Week

Jordan Wolfson: Colored sculpture

There are essentially three XYZ gantries controlling the chains.


Bot of the Week in Action

OpenTrons OT-One S

The OT-One S Standard is revolutionizing affordable lab automation and redefining the basics of liquid handling robots.

It is as simple as a pipetting robot can get. It uses a standard single-channel pipette so you don’t have to. You can leave it alone pipetting for hours — no more need for sore thumbs and pipetting errors.


Awww Snap!


What is Your Verb?

We will get right into it.  Nothing is written in stone yet, but what do you want your robot to do?  One verb, what does it do?  Be as general as you can.  Then be as specific as you can.

How will Your Robot Do This?

Act it out.  Pantomime.

How will You Go About Accomplishing This?

Will you be creating the software that makes your bot unique?  Engineer a special carriage/head for your task?  What are the actuators you plan to use?


Machine Configurations – Our XYZ machines can come in many configurations.  Below are some common types.

Moving Gantry, table is stationary.  What you all just built.

Room Gantry


Moving Table (Y axis), Moving Carriage (X axis).  Similar to the vinyl cutter.

Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter


Moving Table (X and Y axes).  Z axis stays put except for up and down.

Blink Self Portrait


XYZA? Traditional gantry system, but the table angle can change.  The effected area can be not flat


The round coaster maker is ready for #ordcamp too.

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Project Pitches

Everyone will give an XYZ project presentation.  Be prepared to ask questions after each presentation.

Which areas do you feel confident in?  Fabrication, Concept Generation, Electrical/Mechanical Systems, Programming, Controlling Motors, Other.

Which areas do you NOT feel confident in?  Fabrication, Concept Generation, Electrical/Mechanical Systems, Programming, Controlling Motors, Other.

Pick three projects (other than your own) that you find interesting and would like to possibly work on.


Mid-way Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete the Mid-way Survey.




From this point on we will be focusing on our final projects.  Every week we will show forward progress.  There will be weekly documentation due and short updates presented in class.

Make your project more real.  Get together in your groups.  Start researching hardware, collect components.  Design paper prototypes.  Think of ways you will actuate it, have part numbers or components.

For next class, bring anything that makes it more real: mockups, prototypes, drawings, images, and/or videos.  We are full steam ahead.

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