Week 9 – Build Session

Bots of the Week

Quilting Master IV

More Quilting Master Videos

Pale Gray Labs makes some interesting quilts using these machines.


3D Printer Upgrade




Bot of the Week in Action

LulzBot 3D Printer – The Carriage moves along the X axis by timing belt and stepper.  The Table travels along the Y axis by timing belt and stepper.  The Z axis is controlled by two lead screws actuated by two steppers.



Check In

Make your XYZ machine more real.  We will quickly check in on progress next class.



Can your robots have a personality?  Can they have an attitude?  Can it be a character?

Can’t Help Myself – Sun Yuan and Peng Yu


Robotic Loop – Christian Schürch



Literally move the robot (or part of the robot) manually.  See if you can make the motions and actions.  A great way to see if personality can be added.

Always record the process.



I want to see progress on designs.  Focus on a low friction system, don’t worry about controlling just yet.  I want to see experiments and prototypes.  I want parts and materials ordered.  Time to decide on what actuators you will need and where you will get them.  Document everything on your blogs.

In two weeks, you will present your “potato”.  This will be your barely working, buggy, first go at your project.  It will move under its own power.  it will be “controlled” in the loosest sense of the word.  But it will be something to show.



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