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Using Nodecopter for the First Time

Here is the successful code that I was able to come up with:

var arDrone = require('ar-drone');
var client = arDrone.createClient();


.after(5000, function() {
.after(5000, function() {
this.animateLeds(‘blinkRed’, 5, 2);
.after(2000, function() {
this.animate(‘vzDance’, 2000)
.after(10000, function() {

Turnaround, Blink and Dance!

Flying Robotic Journalism – Here to Stay?

As affordable drones gain in popularity, I believe journalism using these vehicles will absolutely be a real, viable part of news organizations in the future. While the lack of regulations today make it impossible for journalists to take advantage of them for commercial purposes, we can still see the benefit that it provides citizen journalists, filmmakers, and DIY tinkerers alike. As early adopters have begun to develop with drones they have already made them easier to use and more accessible. Ordinary people – including journalists who may not have the know-how to personally build and program one – are gaining access to these vehicles. In the future, it is my opinion that drones will become valuable assets for those journalists who want to be able to capture images that otherwise they might not have been able to in addition to the film and sports industries.

While drone use in public areas today remains largely unregulated and many prefer it that way, perhaps regulation could be a boon to journalism. Depending on the type of regulation we may see, allowing drones in certain situations could give journalists the confidence they need to properly deploy them in areas where they may be beneficial.

The only thing that may stop the proliferation of drones for the use of journalism and photography is negative regulation that completely limits the use of drones in these areas. But as long as academic programs include drone journalism, I believe the incentive for budding journalists to use everything in their power to get the story will be enough to push drone journalism as a viable sector of journalism.

Mizzou is one example:

*apologies for lateness – originally posted on my personal ITP blog*