Pass/Fail Grades for Courses Outside of ITP

Please fill this form out for any non-ITP classes you are taking, in which you would like to receive a pass/fail grade instead of a letter grade.

Please submit (1) form entry per student, per class.

– (A – D) letter grades will convert to a (P – Pass) grade.

– (F) letter grades remain an (F – Fail) grade.

The deadline to submit this form for Fall 2023 is 10/11/23 for 7W1 classes & 12/04/23 for 7W2 / 14W classes. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are unsure of the catalog / section / class numbers, please contact Dante (or see below for an example) for assistance.

FYI – in ITPG-GT 2000 – 001 (22724) – Applications:

– “ITPG-GT 2000” is the Catalog Number

– “001” is the Section Number

– “22724” is the Class Number

Course instructors do not get informed about the pass/fail option. They will submit letter grades as they normally would for their entire class. The conversion to (P – Pass) or (F – Fail) happens at the point when the grade posts to the students’ record.