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Category: Projects

Dongbei Portrait – Dongxu Xie

Dongbei Portrait by Dongxu Xie Capstone 2022 An immersive experience design in physical expression about Dongbei culture. Description My research mainly focuses on how northeast Chinese living overseas build online communities through media (short video platforms) and draw Internet groups through the media. In essence,…

Self in the Cage

An exhibition-like interactive installation space. Lyujiang Chen Description In this project, “the Cage of Self,” I used a special approach to talk about the topic of “self” in a philosophical context. Traditionally, those valuable ideas from philosophers are expressed with words in academic papers. The…

SketchChat – Keru Wang

SketchChat by Keru Wang Capstone 2022 SketchChat: Enhancing Collaboration in Videoconferencing via Blended Dimensional Interactions. Description Videoconferencing has gained popularity because it is not always feasible for collaborators to meet in person. It is well suited for collaborative 2D tasks such as shared document editing,…

Edible Arranging – Lilian Yang

Edible Arranging by Lilian Yang Capstone 2022 Edible Arranging is a puzzle game where players can unwind and relax through the act of organizing food. Description Organization content has been on the rise with Netflix shows, TikTok subgenres and even games. The engagement with organization…


b5 is for graphics, fast prototyping, and fun. Using blocks and wires, non-programmers can quickly build and share creative coding projects with the online editor featuring live coding and embedded documentation. Inspired by p5.js, b5 is multilingual and beginner-friendly. Peiling Jiang Description How will…


Posthuman speculation of how wearables transform to our sensations as the being the extended skin Jasmine Sun Description Organelle is a speculative interactive wearable that envisions a ‘posthuman’ encounter and being touched by humans in the current time being – us. Organelle extends from…

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