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Angelos Floros

Alumni, Class of 2002
resume: https://issuu.com/angelosfloros/docs/physical_computing


Angelos Floros is teaching Interactive Media and Open Design Courses since 2004 in Arts and Architecture. As adjunct lecturer in the Athens School of Fine Arts (MFA in Digital Arts), in the Department of Architecture of the University of Patras and the University of Ioannina, Greece he engages students with open technology applications within the context of architectural design theory and practice. Goal of the educational method is to embed informational patterns, programmable environments, technology and science, in Arts, Architecture and Design as an open platform to extent the boundaries of the existing reality. Recently he inspired and directed the play “Why We Live Together?” investigating dialectic formulas between different species of the Arts. The “Why We Live Together?” borrows the scenario from the science of Biology. The Biology categories the symbiosis of different species according to beneficial behaviour or not of the species on this relation. The specie can benefit, harm or remain neutral inside the relationship. The Arts of Dance, Music, Image, Programmable Environments, Poetry and Narration, are the species of a symbiotic relationship.

City of Origin: Greece
Current residence: Athens, agelosfloros@gmail.com