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Kathleen Wilson

Adjunct, Class of

Courses Taught: Thesis
Thesis Seminar

Kathleen Wilson has a diverse background in strategic design and creative management, developing new forms of digital content, products and businesses. She is the co-founder of Rikaroo, a film collective that focuses on hard-to-find films, emerging forms of storytelling and digital distribution and connects independent filmmakers with their film-loving fans. Previously, she was founding partner, V.P/Creative Director of Viacom Interactive working with Viacom divisions to develop new content and brands for emerging online and mobile platforms. She was founding partner/Executive Producer at Paramount’s Media Kitchen, experimenting with tech companies to develop interactive books, TV and film with Paramount properties; co-designer of SIMTOWN for Maxis/EA; Design Director at NY’s Museum of Modern Art for the interactive digital MUSEUM VISITOR’S PROJECT; and the Multimedia Director, Producer/Designer at Bank Street’s Center for Children and Technology where she spearheaded the PALENQUE digital video interactive, virtual travel R&D project funded by RCA/GE/Intel. Kathleen has consulted with a range of companies, spoken at numerous conferences, and tries her hand at writing for children in her spare time. She has a B.A. from Middlebury, MBA from LSE-London/HEC-Paris/NYU-Stern (TRIUM), MFA from VT College of Fine Arts, and doctorate from Harvard.