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Edward Tang

Alumni, Class of 2003


Ed Tang is an artist, designer, programmer, musician, and technologist. He received his MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program and his BM in Music Technology at New York University. He studied classical violin and pianist since the age of 6 and performed frequently as an active soloist and ensemble musician for nearly 16 years. He worked as a freelance music and digital audio editor for broadcast television and new media in New York City.

During his time at ITP, he shifted his interests to include Internet culture, computer science, interactive game design and computer graphics programming. He has exhibited digital design and artwork in venues and festivals all over the world, including events in Paris, Glasgow, Warsaw, New York City, London, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC.

He returned to Seattle in 2004 to pursue doctoral work at the Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media at the University of Washington. At DXARTS, his research interests included new forms of hybrid software based works, electroacoustic music, and bodily interfaces for telematic musical performance.

After leaving DXARTS, Ed turned his focus to professional software development, and is currently using his expertise in Adobe Director to help craft educational software, including several notable and award winning titles.

Ed is still located in Seattle, and is happily married with two cats.

Current residence: Seattle, WA, United States of America