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Amit Pitaru

Former Adjunct, Alumni, Class of 2006
Courses Taught: Code and Me
Code and Me II
Designing for Constraints
Games and Art (w/ Zack Gage)

Amit develops instruments and methods for making music, animation, and
dance. His personal and collaborative work with James Paterson has recently
exhibited and performed at the London Design Museum, Paris Pompidou Center,
Sundance Film festival and ICC Museum in Tokyo. Amit also works as a
user-experience designer and game developer. His latest project attempts to
make everyday software and video games more accessible to children with
disabilities. You can read about at http://pitaru.com/macarthur

See his works at:
http://rhondaforever.com A drawing tool.
http://sonicwiresculpor.com A musical instrument.
http://pitaru.com/macarthur The case for inclusive game design
http://pitaru.com everything else