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Christina Goodness

Adjunct, Alumni, Class of 2005


Courses Taught: Technology for Revolution
Identity and Evasion
Ebola Response
Data in Conflict

Christina works as the Chief, Information Management Officer for the Chief of Staff of United Nations Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support, responding to and supporting UNHQ and 17 global field operations from Syria to Timor Leste to Liberia. She also teaches from time to time at ITP on topics of information, technology and social justice. She grew up without electricity in rural Maui. Christina is most fascinated by issues regarding the balance of power of the individual and the group (social, governmental, corporate) in a networked globalized world. Most recently, her focus has shifted to the construction, effective wielding of, manipulation of, and destruction of digital identity. Related issues include privacy in a global economy; the performance of hybrid identities; evasion, opacity and anonymity; the balance between security, transparency and privacy; access management; the collection of data which is you; and the radical transparency of the individual. Since graduation, Christina has kicked back and planted trees on her home island, traveled to post-conflict post-disaster countries in Africa and Hispaniola, dreamed about the blueprint of totally kinetically-powered house, improved surfing skills, read Jared Diamond's new book, and learned how to dive. She is psyched that the DriveBy tradition, the peer-to-peer teaching initiative she co-founded, is still alive and kicking at ITP.