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Zachary Eveland

Adjunct, Alumni, Class of 2007


Courses Taught: Wearables Studio
Wearables Workshop

Zach Eveland is an electrical engineer and physical interaction designer specializing in electronic and embedded design in diverse fields including wearable technology, medical technology, exhibit and experience development, consumer devices, and telephony. He is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program and a proponent of open-source hardware development. In his personal work, he investigates ways in which technology can make life more magical.Zach is an electronic and physical interaction design consultant,member of Studio 5050, a founding member of the Fritzing project, co-teaches Wearables Studio at ITP with Despina Papdopoulos, has guest-lectured at the Fachhoschule Potsdam in Potsdam, Germany, and is an all around nice guy.