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Kyung-Mi Kim

Alumni, Class of 2007


Kenny Kyungmi Kim is a new media artist and mediator between art and technology.

She began her studies of media arts as a graduate student at Seoul National University in South Korea. Her thesis was “A Phenomenological Analysis on the ‘Temporality as Subjectivity’ in the Video Art of Bill Viola and Gary Hill”.

After receiving an MFA, she established Media Art Lab, an information technology & interactive design studio. She received a patent from the Korean government for the program of the “VSRL (Virtual Sound Responsive Landscape) System.” “SoResVi” and Speaker Recognition Programs were the main products that she used to work in interactive art. She also founded “Cyber Visual Music Library” sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication. Kenny's works from the Media Arts Lab was exhibited at the 'Media City Seoul 2000' in South Korea.

She also had teaching experience as a professor and instructor who taught computer graphics, video art, and media art theory at Hansung University, Kyunggi University, and Anyang University in Korea.
Kenny Kyungmi Kim creates her interactive art based on the theme of relationships, communication, and healing. She is continuing to work with the Sound Interactive Visualizer ever since. To this day, she is making “AV Brush,” an extension of AV composer from Media Art Lab. She had several exhibitions and performances in New York City, and has recently organized a web conference “Crossing talks about Interactivity” connecting Irvine, Seattle, and New York City. She is working on publishing a book about interactivity and creating interactive art.