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Gilad Lotan

Adjunct, Alumni, Class of 2007
resume: http://giladlotan.com/CV_gilad_lotan.pdf


Courses Taught: Social Data Analysis
Surveillance Society: Making Sense of the Data Trails We Leave Behind Fall 2016

Gilad is the Chief Data Scientist at betaworks, a technology company that operates as a studio, building new products, growing companies and seed investing. Previously, Gilad ran the data team at SocialFlow and built data products at Microsoft’s FUSE Labs. His recent work includes ‘Social Networks and the Art of Personalizing Propaganda’ - an analysis of polarized media coverage in the Middle East, and an IJOC-published study investigating the relationship between mainstream and social media. Gilad serves on the Poynter Institute’s national advisory board, amongst a number of other media entities and startups. His work has been covered by the New York Times, the Guardian, Fast Company and the Atlantic Wire and published across a wide range of academic journals.