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Britta Riley

Adjunct, Alumni, Class of 2007


Courses Taught: Farming: Ancient Art Meets Modern World

Britta Riley (ITP '07) is the founder of Windowfarms, a Brooklyn-based social enterprise that empowers city dwellers to harvest fresh herbs, greens, and veggies indoors year-round. Windowfarms got its start by launching an opensource research project in 2009 with over 65,000 participants collaboratively designing variations on indoor growing systems. In 2013, Britta and her team built and farmed a 3 storey indoor vertical food garden at the American Museum of Natural History which produced a year's worth of abundant harvests for visitors to a special exhibit on Food. As the good food movement has spread globally, Britta has visited urban farms and collaborated with other urban farmers from Tokyo to Helsinki to Tulsa. Britta grew up on a Texas ranch where she learned how to grow vegetables by helping in the kitchen gardens of women born in the 1800's. Her participatory artwork exploring ecosystems and the human body has been featured at MoMA, the Whitney, Ars Electronica and in hundreds of venues worldwide. Her TED talk has inspired hundreds of thousands of city dwellers to bring the art of food growing back into modern life.