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Dustyn Roberts

Adjunct, Class of

Courses Taught: Mechanisms and Things That Move
Intro to Physical Computing

Dustyn began teaching at ITP in 2006 after consulting with ITP alumni James Powderly and Michelle Kempner for their artist in residency at Eyebeam. She then founded Dustyn Robots and continues to engage in consulting work ranging from gait analysis to designing low cost medical equipment for developing countries. She is currently working as a contract engineer at Atair Aerospace in Brooklyn while working on a book based on her NYU class for McGraw-Hill. Prior to this she worked for Honeybee Robotics as a project engineer on the Sample Manipulation System (SMS) project for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission, scheduled for launch in 2011. At Honeybee she also designed a robotic drill, led field operations of a robotic truck in an Australian mine, supported proposal efforts for DARPA, NIH, NASA, and DOD, and led a project with Goddard Space Flight Center to create a portable SMS for lunar operations. She was featured on the BBC Science pilot "Battle of the Geeks," in October 2006 and created a “Robots for Beginners” class for a local toy store that was covered by Time Out NY. Dustyn holds a BS in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MS in Biomechanics & Movement Science from the University of Delaware.