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Natacha Diels

Alumni, Class of 2009


Natacha is a nomadic individual, finding solace and home in whatever physical environment she finds herself in. Born in LA (CA) (1981) and raised in Texas and New Mexico, she now lives in upper Manhattan, and has lived in New York longer than anywhere else in her life. Natacha embarks regularly on adventures of all sorts, but prefers those involving strange sounds and interesting people. She composes music, does contact improv with musicians and dancers whom she likes (and like her back), and works closely with other composers to ensure that they continue to write spectacular music for her. Natacha is especially fond of electroacoustic chamber music, and fulfills this love through work with Ensemble Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse is a group of uniquely talented, lovable, and creative musicians, whose primary goals are to break artistic borders and produce great music. Natacha also performs with Red Light, Tall Brown Boots, and On Structure, and sometimes attends the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. She makes money by doing integration work (wiring studios), but hopes to one day be money-free, living on a self-sufficient artist's colony in upstate New York.