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Ramona Pringle

Alumni, Class of 2009
resume: http://ramonapringle.com/Ramona_Pringle.pdf


My ongoing fascination with identity and emotional experience has led me to explore the convergence of medias in my work as an interdisciplinary artist. The driving factor is always the message. Whether I'm acting, writing, editing, or directing, the unifying factor is my underlying need to communicate. Some of the recent highlights of my career before coming to ITP include acting in the New Line feature film Shoot Em Up opposite Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti; associate producing and editing the sychronized ambient video content for The Media Tree, a jewel-like 96 screen installation at Casino Niagara; and working as a host and reporter for CBC, covering music, film and pop culture. I'm interested in how the roles of writer, director, performer and voyeur merge in games and virtual worlds, and how the development of interactive narratives impacts film and video communication.