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Gretchen Gano

Former Faculty, Class of


Courses Taught: Art/Science Collisions: Communicating with Data

Gretchen Gano is the Librarian for Public Administration and Government Information at New York University Libraries. She is part of a data curation group that is exploring how libraries can support and preserve research data collections across the sciences. She holds a Masters in Library Science and a Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in science and technology policy. Before transitioning into the library profession, Ms. Gano was Creative Director for the planetarium space show entitled "Search for Life: Are We Alone," produced for the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History. She also designed and produced information graphics, interactive kiosk, and web content about current earth science and astrophysics research as the Art Director for Science Bulletins at the American Museum of Natural History. Production involved high-definition video and non-linear editing facilities, real-time rendering software, 3-D graphics packages, motion capture, immersive environment software, and volumetric rendering. In her early career, Ms. Gano worked in documentary film and television as a postproduction supervisor. Select projects include Michael Moore's TV Nation, Laurie Anderson's Dal Vivo-Life, and PBS's American Experience.