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Burak Arikan

Former Adjunct


Courses Taught: Creative Networking

Burak Arikan is an artist and researcher who is based in New York and Istanbul. He focuses on creating networked systems that evolve with the interactions of people and machines. His work confronts issues ranging from cultural sustainability to politics and labor in networked environments. He shows the instances of these systems online and onsite through diverse media including prints, animation, software, electronics, and physical materials. His work has presented and performed internationally at institutions including Ars Electronica (Linz), Venice Biennale, Sonar (Barcelona), DEMF (Detroit), Amber Festival (Istanbul), Club Phazon (Tokyo) and at independent venues such as Art Interactive (Cambridge), Turbulence (online), Upgrade! International (online), Hafriyat (Istanbul), Tershane (Istanbul), WMMNA (online), and Serial Consign (Online). He has lectured and did workshops at institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI), Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul), Marmara Universtiy (Istanbul), Sabanci University (Istanbul), and Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul).Arikan completed his master's degree at the MIT Media Laboratory in the Physical Language Workshop (PLW) led by John Maeda. While at MIT, he pursued research exploring networked systems that address the transition from connectivity to collectivity in the context of creative expression. Prior to MIT, he received an MA degree in Visual Communication Design from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2004, and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Yildiz Technical University in 2001.Arikan serves in the advisory boards of Prix Ars Electronica Digital Communities (Linz) and Amber Generative Arts Foundation (Istanbul).