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Daniel Arcé

Alumni, Class of 2010

Daniel Arcé is currently a master's candidate at the Interactive Telecommnunications Program at NYU. Before being a student, he ran the Cultural Studies New Media lab at York University in Toronto

He has presented work at the Impakt Festival in Utrecht, the Next Five Minutes in Amsterdam, and at the Looking Glass Gallery in Brussels. VJ sets include live performances for DJ Swamp and Afrika Bambaataa. He also had some stuff included in Making Art of Databases published by V2_ press in Rotterdam, and Connected! LiveArt published by the Waag Society of Old and New Media, Amsterdam.

Lately, he has been doing experiments in Relational Aesthetics: a pirate radio broadcast with musician John A. Wilson, a squat party in a penthouse under construction atop a fancy hotel, fresh crêpes by the side of the train tracks, making dessert for people and then forcing them to wash their plates while wearing a wireless video camera, and making a dodecahedron cardboard fort that fits two people.

Some of his current research projects at NYU are a way of representing three dimensional space using only binaural sound (this is very hard as it turns out,) and an eight-step sampler/sequencer that works over the telephone, so anyone can make a beat whenever inspiration strikes.