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Jorge Just

Adjunct, Alumni, Class of 2010


Courses Taught: Design for UNICEF

Jorge spent much of his time helping bands and record labels figure out fun experiments to try online. He's been a freelance writer and public radio contributor to This American Life and WireTap, and he's particularly interested in creative collaborative projects within distributed groups.

After ITP, he was hired by UNICEF to continue developing his thesis, RapidFTR, which started as a group project for Clay Shirky's Design For UNICEF, and has seen code contributed on six continents. We could use your help: http://rapidftr.com. In 2010, Jorge was profiled as one of "37 significant figures in both traditional and new forms of mass communication," by Bill Moggridge in his book Designing Media. (MIT Press, 2010) http://designing-media.com. It still kind of freaks him out.