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Karla Calderon

Alumni, Class of 2010
resume: http://www.karlacalderon.com


I'm consolidating, yet expanding at the same time.

Getting down with the travel-all-over-the-world-for-fun-and-work posse.

Beyond my long-winded verbalizations:

Erratic, ecstatic, mentally nomadic, eclectic and interjected. More boombastic than bombastic. Bits of wit surprise like revealed lies and fireflies. A little lightning to bug you out.

There's so much color in this world - and so much in the dark. I'm here to ride on the rainbow, but I have my night-vision goggles handy.

Let's see....I like fly things, to try things, got no gold rings, sometimes wish I had wings and wonder how things operate. I'm into vision, decision and the human condition. Yeah.