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Lina Maria Giraldo

Alumni, Class of 2010
resume: http://linamariagiraldo.com/about.html


I’m a New York based Media Artist and Interaction designer who loves to experiment and research in order to implement technology in everyday life. I’m passionate on moving images on big and small screens and how to create new ways of experimenting with them. I believe in the power of information and the implementation of the user’s experience depending on geographic locations and their personal needs.
I hold and MPS on Interactive Communications (ITP) from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York University, where I was the recipient of both the Tisch School Scholarship and the Paulette Godard. I initiated my career at the Fine Arts program at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. I later moved to Boston, where I learned English, while actively working as an artist in the local scene. I was awarded the Tsongas Scholarship at Mass College of Art, where I majored in Studio of interrelated Media (SIM) with Departmental Honors and Academic Distinction.
My work has been displayed in galleries and shows as well as public spaces throughout Boston, New York and Colombia. I completed an artist residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, which inspired me to carry out a project which was later granted by the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation. Challenged every day by language, social differences and endless consumerism, I create installations that merge with the spectator and the space. As a multimedia artist I use video, physical computing, digital photography, programming, animation, web and sound.
In the last 10 years, I have been highlighted in different news sources like The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, Big Red and Shiny and the South End News as well as local TV shows and in ABC news.

City of Origin: Bogota, Colombia
Current residence: New York & Boston, United States