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Carolina Vallejo

Alumni, Class of 2010
resume: http://carolinavallejo.com/resume.pdf


Carolina Vallejo only knows for certain one thing about herself: she's an ITP graduate, which makes her incredibly happy.

As for how to label herself, she is an ITPer in that too: just ask her and you will get a question mark face, no definite answer and something on the lines of "a cat with many hats" or the cheesy phrase that she comes up with that day.

People have tried to tag her with: Colombian, Spanish, Puerto Rican -apparently she causes a great deal of confusion regarding her citizenship-, Girl, Butcher, Artist, Artist Wannabe, Editor, Pubisher, Writer, Hungry, Interaction Designer, Ridiculous, Communication Planner and Student.
Somehow not even the really objective labels have managed to be accurate. If you want to submit your label please do. Her contact info is somewhere in this website.

City of Origin: Bogota, Colombia
Current residence: London, United Kingdom