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Kio Stark

Adjunct, Class of


Courses Taught: When Strangers Meet
Mediated Intimacy: Closeness and Distance
For Reals: Technology & the Illusion of Authenticity
Field Testing

Kio's teaching focuses on relational technology and social dynamics between individuals. She has worked in interactive advertising, for agencies including Deutsch, Ogilvy, Arnold, along with small web shops, since such things began. She is finishing her first novel, an existential detective novel without a detective, and starting her second, about a dystopian future and the Antikythera mechanism. Recently, she wrote an introduction to Least Wanted: A Century of American Mugshots, a collection of vernacular police photography. Past magazine publications include a portrait of NYC night court and an interpretative history of the documentary genre. During her graduate work in American Studies at Yale, Kio extensively researched the underground economy, with a focus on Miami, exploring a hidden narrative in American history about the desire to escape work. She currently writes www.municipalarchive.com, a collection of interactions with strangers. Kio is a delighted fan of writing, art and technology works that incorporate properties like randomness, human interaction and responsiveness, sound, disjuncture, disruption, narrative, historical and place-based valences, adaptive misuse, absence, decay, brain functions, information, arbitrary relationships, systems that have a life of their own, and also anything that is funny.