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Nathan Freitas

Adjunct, Class of

Nathan Freitas

Courses Taught: Social Activism Using Mobile Technology

Nathan Freitas has been writing code since he was eight and hasn’t stopped looking for problems to solve ever since. A lifelong mobile technology enthusiast, his career has included work on DARPA-funded research projects, popular consumer products, award-winning digital art pieces and groundbreaking technology for protests.

Nathan’s first official business, ThinAirApps, developed and patented enterprise-grade wireless platform that was deployed at over a thousand corporate, government and academic institutions worldwide. In 2001, ThinAirApps was acquired by Palm, where Nathan worked for two years, leading the development of Java-based solutions and partnerships. In the last two years, Nathan has created the MuxCloud, a video processing engine for web and mobile video that was one of the first services to utilize the entire set of Amazon Web Services. The Mux consumer service has been covered in a large number of sites and blogs as a great tool for simple video processing on the web, as well as an easy way to send video to your mobile phone.

Nathan has also worked extensively with a variety of non-profit groups and progressive efforts, including Students for a Free Tibet, The Ruckus Society, MobileActive, RNC2004 and the recent Twitter Vote Report effort. He has built and managed text messaging systems for mass mobilizations and grassroots campaigns, designed satellite-based video systems to broadcast protests from remote and perilous regions, and implemented secure and anonymous intranets and communication systems, all on a shoestring budget and in record time.