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Nisma Zaman

Alumni, Class of 2011
resume: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nisma-zaman/0/370/233


Nisma Zaman came to New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program to pursue a graduate degree after working primarily in educational television for seventeen years. At ITP, Nisma has been taking a medley of design, programming, and social media classes with the goal of becoming an interactive producer/designer in digital media after graduation. Already, Nisma has learned to how to create data visualizations in Illustrator and Processing, mobile applications for Android devices (Java programming), live image and video pixel manipulations via openFrameworks, animations and image effects in Processing, augmented reality animations and games using Flash, wiring and programming Arduino microcontrollers with sensors such as photocells and accelerometers. Specific projects thus far include ElectriSeed for the “Design for UNICEF” class taught by Clay Shirky; PairBurst for the "Hospitable Room" class taught by Dan O'Sullivan and Marianne Petit; Gastronomica for the Big Screens class taught by Daniel Shiffman; and CrabSense for the "Designing Living Systems" class taught by Marc Alt. Currently, Nisma is learning how to hack the Kinect for 3D scanning and gestural interactions, how to use MaxMSP/Jitter to create video installation art, and is working on a thesis project in environmental monitoring involving multiple cameras, movement tracking and 3D data visualization. Nisma is documenting some of her course work on her ITP blog.

For ITP, Nisma also created several Vimeo channels featuring hundreds of videos that she shot and/or edited of show footage and musical events (particularly NIME - New Interfaces for Musical Expression). This obsession with video documentation began in the job that she held for three and a half years before ITP: Media and Materials Producer at the human rights organization ICTJ, where she created scores of presentations, photos, videos and other audio-visual materials. Prior to ICTJ, she co-produced “Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines,” a documentary narrated by Jessica Lange profiling courageous women peace-builders around the world, which aired on PBS and won a Cine Golden Eagle. In 2004, Nisma won an Emmy as part of the directing/producing/writing group of Nickelodeon’s “Little Bill,” a digital animation series of 52 half-hour episodes for pre-schoolers, created by Bill Cosby. Nisma has worked on a variety of other documentaries on arts, culture, and race relations, including “Beyond Black & White,” her own 16mm film exploring the complex identity issues of five mixed-race women, in distribution with Women Make Movies. For details on her work prior to ITP, please check out her LinkedIn profile.

Nisma holds a BFA in Film, Photography and Visual Arts from Ithaca College and was the recipient of the Dean’s Award and Senior Documentary Film Grant Award. In her spare time, she enjoys figure skating, yoga, dance classes, and vegan raw foods.

City of Origin: Ithaca, NY, USA
Current residence: Montclair, NJ, USA