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Jackson Snellings

Alumni, Class of 2012
resume: http://jacksonsnellings.com


I was born in Texas, raised in Oregon, and live in New York. I started my new media career in 1996 when I got a job as a QA tester for Sierra-On lines now defunct Dynamix division. After Dynamix I worked as a y2K QA tester for Hollywood video and various other locations in the greater Portland area. I worked as a Web developer until the crash of 2000 after that I worked in a cabinet factory, and finally pizza hut. After the indignities of working at Pizza Hut I became determined to return to school. I consider this one of the greatest decisions of my life, I fell in love with photography and sculpture, was hired as the sculpture studio technician for my local community college. I obtained my Undergraduate in Art from the university of Oregon.

I love making art and deeply believe in the power technology has to change the way we work and play.

City of Origin: Shadow Bay, Republic of Waldo