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Ben Turner

Alumni, Class of 2013
resume: http://linkedin.com/victorbenturner


Want to build an open reputation ecosystem where multiple parties verify all data you've created in your life to give you your identity and reputation, broken down into different spheres of your life. Can be used as credit-backing, friending, accreditation, finding a partner, building your name and career. http://galapag.us/ See Daemon/Freedom (TM) by Daniel Suarez, Transparent Society by David Brin, Diamond Age & Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson. :)

Contractor to DHS, open source social media scanning for public safety, emergency management, terrorism, security events.

U.S. Army, 5yrs, Arabic linguist/crypto-analyst, paratrooper sergeant, 5th Special Forces Group (A). 8mo deployment to Iraq.

Used to daytrade, design web sites in college.

City of Origin: Dallas, TX