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Roopa Vasudevan

Adjunct, Alumni, Former Staff, Class of 2013

Courses Taught: Introduction to Computational Media
This is the Remix

Roopa Vasudevan is interested in utilizing technology in order to explore the influence of language, culture and social norms on the ways people perceive and treat each other. Her work has been presented at venues across the country and online, and she has also been a producer, editor and motion graphics artist for the New York Times, MTV, and the American Museum of Natural History. She received a BA in Film Studies from Columbia University, and an MPS from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), where she was also a resident researcher in 2013-2014. Roopa is a member of the Flux Factory community of artists, and adjunct faculty at ITP and Fordham College.

City of Origin: Cleveland, OH
Current residence: Brooklyn, USA