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Azure Tianran Qian 錢天然

Alumni, Class of 2014


Azure is an interaction Designer who is passionate about creating imaginative expressions of storytelling by using interactive media and designing a better user experience. Prior to returning to China where she now teaches at New York University's Shanghai Campus and China Academy of Art, Azure worked for the BBC as a Media Coordinator, creating educational documentary content for mainstream media. Azure also started her own company in New York. Coming from international communication background, she kept her eye on expressing the cultural differences of beauty. Her team proposed the national’s first interactive film broadcast in Times Square, and the first overseas Chinese Opera Festival. By exploring the possibility of the spacial interaction, her team programmed interactive shows in the Skirball Center, Columbia University and the Michael Center. In Shanghai, Azure is now developing an app for the purpose of cross-cultural communication. In addition to her academic commitments, she oversees the app's creative direction, marketing and operation.

City of Origin: Hang Zhou, China
Current residence: New York, US