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Zhenzhen Qi

Alumni, Class of 2014

I am a mathematician turned investment banker turned accidental entrepreneur turned interaction designer.

I studied Applied Mathematics in University of California, Berkeley. I then worked for an investment bank, advising institutional investors on using Statistical models to manage their financial portfolios.

Three years ago, I quit my job and helped build a microfinance peer lending eCommerce(www.wokai.org), where people from worldwide could lend small loans to impoverished rural Chinese farmers to start their small businesses.

I also organized city scavenger hunts, where people run around the city, compete in fun silly games and donate proceeds to rural Chinese farmers.

I then joined a friend, who designs solar panel cookers for rural nomadic people, on a field trip to interview a few Tibetan villages. I also taught English and creative writing in a small tea plantation in Darjeeling, India.

After getting my diving license in the Philippines, I joined a Luxury fashion jewelry company, helping with branding and business development (www.plukka.com).

Starting fall 2013, I joined the interactive design program at ITP, New York. I am currently exploring intuitive ways to develop animation tools and recyclable DIY fashion wearables.

I hope my projects could contribute towards a life with more dreams, kindess and openness towards each other, and cheaper for ordinary people to afford.

When I am not working, I love travelling around the world and deep water diving. Each person I meet teach me something new. And diving to me is this wondrously magical sport that allows a lazy person to burn so much calorie by simply flying through the gorgeous underground world and playing with fish.