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Frank Lantz

Former Adjunct, Class of

Courses Taught: Big Games
Game Design

Frank Lantz, Creative Director and co-Founder of area/code is a gamedesigner based in New York City. He has worked in the field of gamedevelopment for the past 20 years. Before starting area/code, Frank was theDirector of Game Design at Gamelab, a developer of online and downloadablegames.Frank has also worked as a game designer for the developer POP, where hecreated games for Cartoon Network, Lifetime TV, and VH1. Between 1988 and1998, he was Creative Director at R/GA Interactive, a New York digitaldesign company.For over 10 years, Frank has taught game design at NYU's InteractiveTelecommunications Program, the School of Visual Arts, and the New School.His writings on games, technology and culture have appeared in a variety ofpublications.