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Daniel Palkowski

Former Adjunct, Class of

Courses Taught: Digital Sound Workshop/MIDI and Synthesis
Digital Sound Lab

Dan Palkowski is a composer, performer, sound designer and new media developer. A specialist in electronic music and MIDI (musical instrument digital interface), he has taught composition, theory, electronic music, and audio technology at Columbia University, the Manhattan School of Music, New York University, and the Hoff Barthelson Music School. He has written music for films, orchestras, operas, plays and multimedia works. Commissions include the Westchester Philharmonic, Music from China, the Sydney Alpha Ensemble, CD-ROM's by HarperCollins, MacMillan Digital and the Voyager Company, Disney Online, and Ernst & Young, where he currently holds a full time position as a webcaster, video editor, podcaster and engineer. He is keyboardist in the trio Erbium ( http://www.myspace.com/erbiummusic ).