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Stacy Hanooman Seecharan

Alumni, Class of 1997
resume: http://tt.linkedin.com/in/stacyseecharan

Part of that Dot Com Casualty gravy train that flooded ITP grads in mid 90's, seriously before then gainful employment wasn't on anyone's mind. Led to that ❝ specialised mentality ❞ all DotCom ITP grads developed as well as being able to payoff all student loans OneTime!

Presently in UK after leaving West Village, having been temporarily forced out Trinidad & Tobago by corrupt colonial mentality (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q2F2TaRghE) of the University of the West Indies - I feel just like Fela Kuti and Walter Rodney.
The UK pays the rent though and it's interesting times with iTunes U distance eLearning project plus I gets to visit Paris often and bastardize their language with my crap French (Chester Chimes habitez ou?).

City of Origin: London, UK, Trinidad Tobago
Current residence: Tacarigua, Trinidad, Trinidad n Tobago