Save the dates for ITP’s 40th Birthday and housewarming party!

October 12, 2019 (Tickets Go On Sale in August)

Invest in the Future of ITP — Please support the 40th Anniversary Red Burns Scholarship Fundraising Drive

For 40 years, the alumni of ITP have done more to shape the introduction of interactive media into our society than perhaps any other single group in the world. And during that time those interactive technologies have completely reshaped the way our society creates culture and does business. For better and for worse, we are at the center of things.

At ITP we still use Red’s approach. We put people with different backgrounds, perspectives, methods, and goals next to each other where they can collaborate to develop ideas that they did not already have. To be able to continue assembling this creative mix of people dedicated to creative, thoughtful and helpful uses of emerging technologies, we need scholarships.

The impact of interactive technologies in our society is becoming more prevalent and profound, and ITP’s influence is growing as new programs and facilities are coming on line. It would be hard to find a bigger impact for your money than funding a scholarship at ITP. You can help send the world’s media landscape into a healthier, more just, more beautiful, more meaningful, and more fun direction by making is possible for a worthy student to come to ITP.


  • Name permanently displayed in ITP Lobby
  • Everything from the In the Show tier

In The Show

  • Mention in end of semester program
  • Everything from the Spontaneous Applause tier


  • Featured in Display at 40th Festivities
  • Piece of the Floor
  • Everything from the Proof of Concept tier

Proof of Concept

  • Ticket to 40th Cocktail Party
  • Little Red Book of Quotes from Red Burns

Blinking LED

  • Warm feelings and a big smile. Getting everyone participating is really the most important thing.

The Party! (Main Event is Oct. 12)

Join us for the ITP40 Birthday and Housewarming Party! Please see ticket options below for a cocktail party at ITP’s new home, 370 Jay Street, 4th Floor in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 12, 2019, 5:30pm – 8pm. Ticket sales entirely support ITP scholarships, and are partially tax-deductible. 

This celebration is taking place over Columbus Day weekend – October 10-14. There will be a lot of opportunities for alumni to organize their own events over the long weekend. We hear a TNO (Thursday Night Out) is already in the works. Also a student-run Fly-By. We have reserved the former space at 721 Broadway on Friday October 11 at 6pm for the Pecha Kucha and deconsecration event with pizza and boxed wine. Maybe a maker day on Sunday at our new space is another possibility

We hope alumni will come up with a lot of other plans to make the weekend special. Stay connected with each other on our new email listserve.

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We hope everyone will be sharing memories, photos, and videos at #itp40.

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Ticket Options

Available for purchase in August

  • Early-Bird: $110 (purchased by 8/31)
  • Regular Admission: $150
  • Volume Discount: With the purchase of one ticket, any additional tickets purchased at the same time are $110
  • At the door: $175
  • Current student tickets may become available in mid-September

Buy A Piece of ITP

Available in August

We have a limited supply of the original floorboards from 721 Broadway, 4th Floor. 40 years have pressed all the long days and nights, the joys and sorrows of creation into this wood. For a gift of $100, you can own one of these totems to time-release imagination-boosting vibes into your workspace, or just remind you of our younger days.