We received a very generous offer for $50K in matching funds towards the Red Burns Scholarship Fund! Help us reach our goal by buying a ticket, buying a floorboard, or donating to the scholarship fund over this next week!  We need to hit our target by Friday, October 4!

Thanks in advance! No donation is too small! Every bit counts.

$10k or more

Name permanently displayed in ITP Lobby
• Everything from the In the Show tier

In The Show:
$5k or more

Mention in end of semester program • Everything from the Spontaneous Applause tier

Spontaneous Applause:
$1k or more

Featured in Display at 40th Festivities • Piece of the Floor • Everything from the Proof of Concept tier

Proof of Concept:
$500 or more

Ticket to 40th Cocktail Party • Little Red Book of Quotes from Red Burns

Blinking LED:
$50 or more

Warm feelings and a big smile • Getting everyone participating is really the most important thing.

For 40 years, the alumni of ITP have done as much to shape the introduction of interactive media into our society than perhaps any other single group in the world. And during that time those interactive technologies have completely changed the way our society creates culture and does business. For better and for worse, we are at the center of things. 

At ITP we still use Red’s approach. We put people with different backgrounds, perspectives, methods, and goals next to each other where they can collaborate to develop ideas that they did not already have. To be able to continue assembling this creative mix of people dedicated to creative, thoughtful and helpful uses of emerging technologies, we need scholarships.

It would be hard to find a bigger impact for your money than funding a scholarship at ITP. The influence of interactive technologies in our society is becoming more prevalent and profound, and ITP’s influence is growing as new programs and facilities are coming online. Your contribution will allow for a wider range of people to even consider applying. It will also send them out with less debt and more options for pushing the world’s media landscape into a healthier, more just, beautiful, meaningful and fun direction. Your money goes directly to these students without any administrative overhead and it is tax-deductible.