David Nolen, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Christian Croft, ShiftSpace.org

While the Internet’s design is widely understood to be open and distributed, control over how users interact online has given us largely centralized and closed systems. ShiftSpace is an open source platform that attempts to subvert this trend by providing a new public space on the web. By pressing the [Shift] + [Space] keys, a ShiftSpace user can invoke a new meta layer above any web page to browse and create additional interpretations, contextualizations and interventions. Using various authoring tools users can annotate, modify, and shift the content of a page. We believe not only in the “User Generated Content” but in a “User Generated Interface”, ‘Spaces’ are such interfaces. Use Javascript and the ShiftSpace API to develop your own. ShiftSpace is currently expanding beyond a Firefox plugin, and into a full fledged social applications platform. As a part of that effort ShiftSpace would provide all the social and personalized features for the upcoming redesign of the MoMA.org website.

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