Breadboard view of a servomotor and an analog input attached to an Arduino. The +5 volts and ground pins of the Arduino are connected by red and black wires, respectively, to the left side rows of the breadboard. +5 volts is connected to the left outer side row (the voltage bus) and ground is connected to the left inner side row (the ground bus). The side rows on the left are connected to the side rows on the right using red and black wires, respectively, creating a voltage bus and a ground bus on both sides of the board. A force-sensing resistor, or FSR, is mounted in rows 18 and 19 of the left center section of the breadboard. a 10-kilohm resistor connects one leg of the FSR to the left side ground bus. A blue wire connects the row that connects these two to analog in 0 on the Arduino. A red wire connects the other pin to the left side voltage bus. A servomotor’s voltage and ground connections are connected to the voltage and ground buses on the left side of the breadboard. the servomotor’s control wire is connected to pin D3 of the Arduino.

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