Jeff Feddersen Fall 2014

Class Times

Morning class: Monday, 9:00 AM – 11:55 AM

Afternoon class: Monday 3:20 PM – 6:15PM


jfeddersen [at] gmail [dot] com

NOTE: please use this address. My NYU address works, too, but I see the gmail one the most/soonest.

Works by Zimuon, Pe Lang, Teenage Engineering, Critter&Guitari, Andy Cavatorta, and Luke Jerram.

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Monday Morning

Monday Afternoon

Class Notes


Dreaming came up a lot in the first class – four of the fantasy devices involved dreams. Here’s a video about teaching yourself to dream lucidly:


Project Calico, Machinima, various smart watches and fitness trackers.



Normal earphones

Nervous System

Hand planes

Nike Flyknits


Midi Fighter

Super Normal design:

Apogee Duet


Antenna Design (subway stuff)

1-bit Symphony

Mozzi audio library

Don’t forget about the Arduino Reference!


Pe Lang, Zimuon, Andy Cavatorta, AXN|RXN

pe lang – polarization | nº 1 from pe lang on Vimeo.