Class 1

Class Discussion Topics

  • What is physical interaction?
  • What does the user do?
  • Code as narrative instructions
  • Pseudocode

In-Class Activity

Fantasy Device – As a class, we’ll make a list of fantasy devices; things that don’t exist, but that we wish did. For today, we’ll ignore technical feasibility and concentrate on how you’d operate these devices if they did exist. You’ll be divided into groups of 3. Pick a fantasy device from the list. Design a control interface for this device and demonstrate it in­ class.

Think about what a person has to see, hear, touch, etc. while operating the device. Think about what cues they need to understand the interface. Think about what parts of their body they need to have free, what gestures are best for triggering the device’s behaviors, and so forth. Build a mock­up of the controls from anything you can find on the floor or nearby. At the end of class, one or two of you will act out the use of the device using your mock­up while the third person narrates.

Assignments for next class

Readings For Next Class

The following readings set the tone conceptually for what’s coming next: