Class 11

Material Covered This Week

  • Playtesting

In-Class Activity

Playtest your project with your classmates. In class, you’ll explain to groups of classmates briefly what your project looks and sounds like and what the participants can do. Then you’ll act them to act as participants and to show and tell you what they do with the project. You don’t need to have a fully working device or system in order to have a successful play test. You can use paper mockups, pictures, and whatever else works in order to explain to the test subject what happens when she takes certain actions. You benefit the most from play tests when you build very little, get the test subject to act out a lot of actions, and ask a lot of questions.

After they “use” your interface, your classmates will give you feedback. We’ll do this in parallel, with half the groups as presenters and half as users,  and then change sides so everyone gets feedback on their first interface sketches.

We’ll split the class into two groups of projects, each of which will playtest for half the class. When you are a test subject, you should try to get to each project. When you are testing your project, you should use the time to gather as much feedback as you can about how the project works.

Take written notes on everything you test, and give it to your classmates for whom you’re acting as a test subject.

Assignments for next class

  • Review the material to be covered next class, and  come to next class with questions:
  • Continue working on your final project. Update your blog with notes from your playtest as well as your detailed system diagram, BOM, and interaction plan.