Class 13

In-Class Activity

In this class, we’ll continue to discuss projects as they develop. Each student or group should describe the results of their tests in the past week. State what your biggest current question is and identify any aspects of the project on which the class can most usefully offer feedback.

Continue to test your project with people as you develop it. By now you should have a working version of your project and be able to test it with your roommates, classmates, or whoever you can safely meet with.  Even though you may not have the whole system working, you should have enough to be able to share a relatively high-fidelity mock-up that you can use to test the interaction.  The more you can test incrementally as you develop, the stronger the final result will be.

Assignments For Next Class

  • Finish your final project
  • Make sure your online documentation of the project is done as well
  • Prepare and rehearse how you want to present your project