Class 13

Material Covered This Week

  • User testing

In-Class Activity

User test your project. In this class, you’ll bring the current working version of your project and test it with your classmates.  Even though you may not have the whole system working, you should have enough to be able to present a relatively high-fidelity mock-up that you can use to test the interaction.  If you plan this well, you’ll get invaluable feedback from your classmates about your project before you build the whole thing, so you can make changes easily.

We’ll split the class into two groups of projects, each of which will test for half the class. When you are a tester, you should try to get to each project. When you are testing your project, you should use the time to gather as much feedback as you can about how the project works.

Take written notes on everything you test, and give it to your classmates for whom you’re acting as a tester.

Assignments for next class

  • Finish your final project
  • Make sure your online documentation of the project is done as well
  • Prepare and rehearse how you want to present your project