Class 6

In-Class Activity

Since last week, you’ve built your first project and taken a look at a few electronic component data sheets and documentation. We’ll discuss, and answer any questions that came up.

  • Review from the assigned readings and past labs: 
    • Review of digital and analog input and output labs
    • Sensor interfacing and datasheets
    • Schematics and technical drawings

Time permitting, we’ll also demonstrate this lab:

Assignments for next class

Read or view the following material and come to next class with questions:

Related Videos. These cover the same material as the notes above:


Do the labs below. Blog your progress and questions, and come to class next week with questions. We’ll discuss together.

Readings For Next Class

The following readings provide some context for thinking about physical interaction design. You won’t be quizzed on whether you’ve read these, but your instructor may refer to these ideas in future class discussions.

Sarah Hendren, All Technology is assistive 
Shelly Zalis on Designing Prosthetics That Give Female Veterans Confidence